plan, publish, and measure content output

Scale your content, not your spreadsheets.

The Challenge

Scaling content, ensuring brand consistency, and staying on-top of deadlines is difficult when you're working in multiple products, spreadsheets, or lists.

The Solution

Marketing.AI centralizes your content efforts. Customizable workflows with color-coded content and multi-channel publication keeps your marketing effort aligned.

Manage your content projects in a separate planning view

Plan your strategy, campaigns, assets, and content in a global view. Collaborate in one platform to assign tasks to writers, designers, and manage all your resources without context switching.

Create sub-calendars to match your campaigns, with global views for overall planning and management.

Ideate, draft, edit, and review, all in one central platform

Bring your team together in a collaborative view. No more lost files, assets, or deadlines. Reduce admin time with repeatable tasks and integrations with products your team uses today.

A visual calendar of activities keeps your content on track.

Multi-channel automated content delivery for your campaigns

Sub-calendars, themes, and personas organize your content around objectives to streamline publication. Focus on delivering a powerful brand story and let the editorial calendar take care of the administration.

Retrieve past content that is high-performing to maximize return-on-investment from your content.

Measure the results of your team’s efforts and content output

Get instant insights into content gaps and opportunities. Measure how different content fits together to create a powerful brand story. Measure the performance of each content asset to see if it's achieving your strategic objectives.

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Plan your strategy, streamline content messaging, audit content, and guide content planning.


Ideate, assign, draft, and publish your content in a centralized publication editorial calendar.

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Track content output and link your marketing strategy with the content that is performing.