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Take content marketing workflows and editorial calendars to the next level

Producing the right content with the optimal keywords for the right audience, at the right time makes content marketing a challenge. Building a strategic content marketing pipeline aligned with target personas and buying cycles is not easy.
Shifting business strategies make it even more challenging.

Marketing.AI turns content marketing management from a nightmare of emails and spreadsheets to a strategic advantage.

What Can Content Marketing Automation Software Do For You?


The relevance of content to your audience

Targeting by persona and buyer lifecycle

Speed to content

Blog post frequency


Project tracking complexity

Costs associated with project management

Your reliance on emails and spreadsheets


Content performance tracking:
Click-throughs, Shares, Likes

Content quality

Content re-use

Social Media reach

Top 3 Reasons: Why a Content Marketing Automation Platform?

Where Does Content Marketing Automation Software Fit?

It's time to think strategically about the impact of content on your business.

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