pro-active communication so you can focus on your people

Focus on your business, not overdue communication.

The Challenge

There's multiple people managing important communications within your business causing duplication of work, mixed messaging, and back-and-forth emails.

The Solution

Marketing.AI's global calendar improves the management and creation of important communication by centralizing where your team plans and creates their communications.

A holistic view of all communications eliminates duplicative efforts

One central calendar that can break into sub-calendars manages your internal and external communications. Whether it's the latest press release or your monthly newsletter, manage all your content from one view.

Add operational efficiency to communications.

Manage communications effectively for happier employees

Manage delivering content to all your communication channels through a global calendar and lessen the risk of missing delivery of important messages to your most valuable asset: your people.

Create good communication management habits with a communication calendar.

Never miss a step in the communication approval process

Internal communications can involve complex approval workflows, especially if it involves your legal team. Automated workflows based on content types ensure you never miss an important step.

Automated workflows provide peace-of-mind to communication delivery.

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Plan your strategy, streamline content messaging, audit content, and guide content planning.


Ideate, assign, draft, and publish your content in a centralized publication editorial calendar.

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Track content output and link your marketing strategy with the content that is performing.