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Get Everyone on The Same Page

Plan your content marketing strategy, campaigns and assets. Assign tasks to authors, designers and other content creators. Draft, edit and approve content items within a collaborative framework. Stay on top of deadlines and measure results.

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Plan your themes, buyer personas and customer journeys. Audit content. Use a theme-cycle grid to identify gaps and guide content planning in line with strategic messaging.
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Visually plan your content in an editorial calendar. See your team's production schedule. Get the work assigned, drafted, approved, completed and published.
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hh Track the performance and impact of your content marketing efforts. Make connections between marketing strategy and marketing results.

Your Center of Content

Keep your content marketing program aligned, flexible and secured through one central portal. The Marketing.AI Framework maps to how you want to work and how you define your strategies, assets and workflows.


Draft or attach content in the system. Review, comment and collaborate.

View planned calendars and existing asset lists. Drill-down on items.

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Strategic Metadata

Create and document
content strategy
and metadata.

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Asset Library

Audit, add and organize
your content assets into
a single source of record.

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Brainstorm and park
new content ideas in a
separate ideas location

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Editorial Calendar

Visually plan and
assign the creation
of new content.

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Collaborative Workflows

Draft, edit, approve, and publish
work while centrally tracking deadlines
and receiving automated workflow updates.

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Push and pull content and data
to and from external systems such as
storage, CMS, automation and social media.

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